“It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters in the end.”    Ursula Le Guin

The importance of goal setting cannot be underestimated. Impossible dreams are accomplished when I focus on goals I can control.   I probably have a great deal of unspoken goals and motivations just under the surface.  It is important to get those goals out in the open.  There is some risk with that.  If I tell someone about my goals, even admitting it to myself, then I am responsible and accountable for them.  This can be daunting for some people.  I do not have a problem with that usually.  Sometimes though it is seems like the goal is a stretch for me and the risk is outside of my comfort zone, then I may not want to be exposed.  That can be a scary place.  I do realize that if I start towards my goal and it seems to be unrealistic then I need to change my goal.  It is ok to change your goals and directions.  Sometimes life demands it. It has been my experience that when I needed a change that I resisted, then there was a lesson for me.  I needed to change, life threw me a curve and I had to adapt or suffer the consequences.  Sometimes outside forces that I have no control of, come into play that force me to change my goals.

What is the difference?  I must not be concerned with what others may be perceiving about my goals.  If I had no target or direction then I will surely hit something.  I will probably hit exactly what I do not want to hit.  If I have a goal, a direction or a target then I can make adjustments as I go.  I will enjoy the forward motion of my journey as well the direction I am going and I will probably hit my goal because I have given myself a focus in the right direction.  Even if I determine that the original goal was not where I wanted to go, then I at least have made progress in determining my eventual outcome and am farther down the road toward whatever it is. It is also important to look at the expectations of my goals and to realize they are my goals and no ones elses.  They are my creation and not a burden.  If they become a burden then I must look deeper to the motivation behind the goals.  If they really belong to someone else, then they are a burden.  Any goal that is a burden will ultimately wear me out over the long-term.  I need to focus on things that leave me feeling recharged rather than drained.

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