More About Goals

There are a number of steps that I take to set up my goals.  First, I must know what drives me.  This is a process that I will probably be going through for my entire life.  I feel driven to do things.  That is a start.  I then look at what I am passionate about.  Then I look at what my priorities are and how I can fulfill them.  Once I know what drives me then I can use what works and know and avoid what doesn’t work.  I can use fear to get me to the gym, but only through joy and passion for what I am doing will it keep me coming back to completion of a goal or a positive change for a lifetime.

I have a passion for skating, and skating well.  It requires a great deal of work to do it well.  I am willing to put in the work to do it well.   I have a passion for flying and doing it well.  It shows there too.  So it is important to me, to keep focused on my passion and my joy and see where it takes me.  In this light and in the framework of my priorities I can set short, medium and long-term goals.

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