Reflections on Change

Happy New Year Everyone!

When milestones are reached like a new year, it is a great time to reflect on where I have been this last year.  It is also a time to be grateful for the progress I have made.  Then I look forward in gratitude for what I have been through.  Even though some of it has been hard, I know there was always a plan for me.

I am reminded of an analogy.  I can equate myself to a piece of marble.  When my piece of marble was created I was crude and unformed.  As I go through life, my experiences chip away the marble to reveal my true self.  My underlying beautiful sculpture is waiting to be formed by the elements, wind, rain, heat, cold, etc. A sculpture takes many thousands of blows by a hammer and chisel to form.  The elements of nature also act on my raw material to change me.

This last year has been one of those years that has changed me in many ways to help form my sculpture.  I have been reminded quite a few times what is important.  God, family, work, recreation.  In that order, I can make decisions that are balanced.  I cannot control the world around me, I can change the way I react and respond to it.

I could list a number of events that have occurred this year to illustrate my point.  Suffice it to say that my wife’s cancer diagnosis and treatment was at the forefront.  The return of my 21-year-old daughter to my life was a blessing that I could not have foreseen but am eternally grateful for.  Rescuing a puppy that ultimately rescued us. Work and skating issues were always present.

I now look forward to a new year full of potential.  I will be there for my wife’s recovery.  My children and grandchildren will be in the forefront as well.  I will be changing airplanes this year to the B-777 and flying out of Washington DC (the  747 is being phased out of Chicago).  I will be qualifying for the upcoming US Olympic trials for Long Track speed skating in October.

Here is a picture of Long’s peak In Colorado. I am formed by my outside world.  This beautiful mountain is shaped by the elements to reveal a beautiful sculpture.

Long's Peak Colorado

Long’s Peak Colorado

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