Taking a new approach

Last time I had some good racing I was so pumped I went overboard.  My first 500 meter race of the season was 39.99.  I knew I was setting myself up for a great year.  My summer work was validated.  I trained really hard after those first two races and ended up digging the hole of overtraining.  It took about 6 weeks to recover.  I learned from my mistake.  I relished my achievement this time.  I took it easy for a couple of days.  Racing takes more out of me than I am willing to recognize. Then I started back a little easier.  It takes a little longer to recover at my age.

Getting better and going faster is more about intention and choices than age.

Getting better can apply to anything in my life.  Intention sets my direction and choices help me with setting short, medium, and long range goals.

I have posted a video taken by my very supportive and cheering (she requests you turn the volume down) wife Maripat of my 39.00 500 meter race 1/26/2013. My pair was nathan Miller.  For a description of the race see my last post “Qualified!”.


2 thoughts on “Taking a new approach

  1. Hi Bruce, I can not think of the last time that watching a video clip made me stand and cheer at the image on the screen, but there I was yelling with your cross-overs: Push, Push, Push!
    So well done,

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