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Coaching myself does not work, for me. I need a mirror so that I can see myself and make changes. That is the way it works best for me. Having experimented with the idea that I can be my own expert has backfired more than once. The need to select someone that can help me along my path is essential. This relationship needs to be a good fit. Several coaches have helped along in my life. Trusting that each coach that comes at the right time for my learning process has helped. There needs to be a certain synchronicity in the relationship. Everyone puts out a certain vibration. I need to be sensitive to that so the relationship will grow, flourish, and be good for both me and my coach. Following my gut when I pick a coach is very important.

The first question I must ask myself as I go along this path is, “Am I coachable?” This may seem like a rudimentary question. I have been at opposite ends of the spectrum in different times of my life. As a youngster I went to a couple of summer camps to learn about skating and training. Having met some expert coaches then, I started to write to them for training programs. They were Norwegian and Dutch and we wrote letters that took weeks to deliver. Not having any money to spend on coaching was a problem too. Geographically not being close to any coaches, I learned as much as possible, and became my own expert. As a result, I developed some hard rules for my training. Unshakable in most of my ideas, I was not very coachable at the time. After crashing and burning from overtraining as a teenager, slowly over a couple decades, I realized I needed to change my thinking. Knowledge, expertise, and wisdom based on my life experiences were assets now. I might be an expert on many things, but I was still having some blockage about many ideas. Wanting to moving forward, I needed to have an attitude of acceptance and change. Accepting that I could not see myself as well as a coach could, was the ticket to progress. Open to new ideas, and the ability to spend some money on a coach opened the door.

Nancy Swider- Peltz, Sr. , my current coach, tells me that I am very coachable. Being willing to hear what she has to say, and try it to the best of my ability is my attitude. No longer having to justify what I am doing, I just try to do it differently. This attitude has taken a long time to sink in. It probably ties in with my self esteem. The better I feel about myself the easier change is possible. Nancy recognizes that and helps me with that process. That is what being coachable is all about.

Nancy and I have a relationship almost like family. I treat it with almost the same in terms of time and energy. In order for it to work well and flourish it must be given the priority it deserves. I am very grateful for what we have and how it works. It is a good fit, and we are very productive. What I bring to this relationship is good for both of us. I know and trust that.

Some of us do not have the resources for a coach. We may be held back due to finances, or geography, etc. My reccommendation is to attend as many summer camps and clinics as possible. Develop as many contacts as possible and foster those relationships. Being open to new ideas from all sources. Online capabilities are growing as well. Instant feedback may not be possible, but video, texting, email, etc, can all be tools to help your progress. We are only limited by our own imagination. Good Luck!

American Cup Salt lake, March, 2013, Nancy Swider-Peltz, Sr.  giving race splits and encouragement!

American Cup Salt lake, March, 2013, Nancy Swider-Peltz, Sr. giving race splits and encouragement!

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