The definition of integrity is adherence to moral and ethical principles, soundness of moral character, honesty.

Growing up as a boy scout, I learned many of the principles that guide me today.  I have strayed from my moral compass from time to time.  Hurting the people I love is one of the consequences.  Damaging myself is the worst.  Honesty with myself is the hardest but most rewarding part of this journey.

People judge me by my actions not my intentions.  Consistent action over time builds trust and integrity with the people around me.  Building core self-esteem is also consistent action over time.  There is cycle of action, followed by thought, followed by action again.  This can be an upward unlimited spiral or downward self-defeating one.  The choice is mine.  Here is where we have a choice, where we are held accountable for our actions, and we reap the consequences for our actions.

At the core, my self-esteem and self-image are at stake.  I am my worst critic.  By acting honestly, with integrity, over time, I can be at peace with who I am and reap the benefits.

Training is consistent action over time.  By doing the tasks for training, it helps me with my thought process, which in turn helps my self image and self-esteem.  Some results are tangible and can be seen, some results are internal and can only be felt.  By honestly putting in the work, I get the results inside and outside.

Masters World Sprints, Salt Lake City, March 2013

Masters World Sprints, Salt Lake City, March 2013

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