Training Like An Olympian! Getting Started…

Training like and Olympian. Here is what I did this week to get started.

During my skating career I have trained and raced with the best on the planet. My coach Nancy Swider-Peltz, Sr. (she is a 5 time Olympian) and I have refined a plan for my training. Here is where the execution of the plan takes place. After the season was over last month I took time to rest, recover and reflect. My gut told me It was time to start again.

On a macro scale I am shooting to peak at the Olympic trials in the end of December. Monthly, I will do 3 weeks hard work followed by an easier week. This first week should be an easier week so I don’t get hurt or burn out.

My training started with this week with a weight workout followed by a 30 minute ride on a stationary bike. I will do this intense weight workout once a week. I subscribe to the philosophy in the book “Body by Science“, by Doug McGuff and John Little. This is my second year of this kind of strength training and It works for me.

Keeping tabs with my ithlete device ( so I do not over-training is essential. Being tired this week was normal. By monitoring my recovery I can guard against over-training.

Tuesday, an interval bike ride for an hour. Wednesday was a fun cardio tennis workout for 90 minutes. Thursday was an interval workout on the slideboard ( . Using a slideboard is the closest thing to skating for me. Since we wont get long track ice till July or August, I need to imitate time in the skating position and work on my technique. After my slide work I did another stationary bike workout with increasing intensity for 60 minutes.

Friday brings a power yoga workout. I love to spend an hour moving and stretching like this. Saturday is another slide workout. The emphasis was for time in the skating position. Then to the pool for a 30 minute swim. Sunday is off. Low intensity yard work can be recovery work too. Turning a spring cleanup of my yard into productive work is always beneficial. A long walk with your dog or your sweetie, helps us all. A nightly appointment with my stick roller ( also helps with recovery.

When I started training seriously a few years ago I was worried about recovering in time to do the volume of training necessary. By increasing gradually and doing all the little things, I have been able to achieve a very high level.

Follow me on my journey to the Olympic trials and my best season ever!

Break down your barriers and come with me!

Bruce Conner on the ultraslide!

Bruce Conner on the ultraslide!

3 thoughts on “Training Like An Olympian! Getting Started…

  1. Just a fellow speed skater from Columbus, oh. (Chiller ice rink) wanting to know what are the best workouts to improve my strength and endurence on the ice. How to gain the power it takes to get faster? how many workout a week should I be doing?


    • Derrick, Great question. I do one weight workout a week. Overall strength is important so hit all body parts especially your core. The most important thing is leg strength. I do a leg press machine. Free weights are not worth the risk of injury. Do one set as deep as possible but not past 90 degrees. Go as slow as possible so that each rep takes 20 seconds. Do a max of 6 reps. This takes 2 minutes. Go all the way to failure. Start with 75% of your max. Keep track and try to increase each week. If you can do 6 reps then up the weight. Do recovery work till the next week. There is no substitute for real skating but slide board does pretty well. Try and get to a camp this summer for technique help. Do something everyday even if is a walk for recovery. Hope this helps. Bruce.

      • thanks Bruce,
        this summer I need (want) to train harder…this is my 4th year in short track and I look to get better. My 500m pb time was .55sec.(Im proud to say) but in this sport/w that time I might as well watch from the stands. I would trade power for technical skating any-day, we only have two days a week to practice so off ice is important.

        Your post about age and getting better, hit home to me. I’m 38 and 6’3 and never ice skated, this before I started speedskating. I wish I knew about the sport when I younger…but I dont except age as a limit to what I can and will do… but youth sure would offer that natural extra boost!

        I love short track, but one day, would love to know what long track feels like
        thanks for your response, I’m a fan just ’cause of it! And thanks for the advice.


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