Full Speed Ahead!

Full speed ahead!

This is the start of the third week of training for this season.  This week had some challenges with scheduling.  Being able to adjust is very important while still getting the work done.  A couple of weeks ago I took my dog for a run of about 3 miles.  I don’t run very often so It took some time for me to get used to it.  Then a few days later I did a 90 minute cardio tennis workout.  It is fun to hit a lot of balls and this workout helps keep my heart rate up for an extended time.  All of this pounding took a toll on my left knee.  No running or tennis for a while.  Weights, slideboard, swimming, yoga, biking, all good.  Icing at night does the trick and one week after, my shift I am as good as ever.

Ready for another hard week and building intensity.  Staying on track.  I am also looking to fine tune my goals for the season.   They must be specific, measurable, have a time frame, and be realistic.  Focus this year is on the Olympic trials starting on the 27th of December in Salt Lake City.  My goal is to be better than my previous trials in 1975, 2005, and 2009.  The 500,  38.95.  The 1000, 1:16.00.  Based on my most recent races these times are very realistic.

Having specific goals helps me to set and stick to my priorities.  This is an Olympic year.  There are a lot of very motivated athletes that are training very hard for their lifelong dreams.  Being a part of the Olympic movement has a special importance for me.  I get a great boost from the younger skaters.  Most of training now is solo but later in the summer I will be with my group.  Then when we return to the ice this fall we will all be together as a family.

Full speed ahead……

This video is from Masters World Sprints in Salt Lake City 3/16/2013.  This short video clip is from the second turn of the 1000.  This is the fastest we go on skates, about 35 mph or 56 kph.  I love to CRANK this turn!  Enjoy, more to follow….

8 thoughts on “Full Speed Ahead!

  1. Bruce, your focus and consistent determination are both inspiring. Keep cranking, Jeffrey

  2. Wow! Impressive! Im a senior Air Canada EMB190 skipper (dont want to go on the Bus, would loose to much on the schedule side). Im president of a skating club, assistant-coach and provincial skater in Montréal. My 7 year old is regional and my 11 year old is already provincial! All short track!
    How do you keep up with the jet lag? Mostly pacific or atlantic flying?
    I really would like to push more but my wife doesnt think I have the time for myself and I agree!
    Keep it up Bruce and I hope you make the trials again,

    • Thanks Didier for the comment. You have a lot going for you, keep it up, your time will come. You are spread pretty thin, be patient and when you do train, increase gradualyy, and go for more intensity not volume. I am on reserve so I do not fly a lot. When I do, I sleep when I am tired, and eat when I am hungry. I do not fight myself. I am in the trials, just want to make a good showing now. Keep up the good work yourself. Masters are the bedrock of our sport. Bruce

      • Thanks for the reply!
        I normally have time for 1 hour 2 to 3 times a week and normally follow the routine plyo (intense), bike (volume), bike (half hour intensity, half less). 10 min abs and squat every morning when I can;-)
        This is what I can get in if Im lucky and do not have 11 hours lay-overs!
        Congrats on being on the trials, show those youngster!
        Safe flying.

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