7 Ways To Manage Balance

7 Ways To Manage Balance

Happy Memorial Day!  All gave some, Some gave all. Thanks to all the veterans!

Balance is a fine art.  I like using the analogy of walking on a beam.  Skating on a 1.1 milimeter blade would also suffice.  Falling from time to time, it is part of life, so is pain.  With time, I am more sensitive to being off-balance.  Being able to stay in balance for longer periods of time is a great reward.

Balance is essential to my life.  We all know the effect of being off-balance.  We are out of focus, inefficient, unproductive, exposed to injury and disease, stressed.  Being in balance is just the opposite.  We are focused, productive, efficient, healthy, happy, content and serene.  This is what I strive for.  Making the necessary corrections to stay on the beam is easier as I get older.  It has been a learning process like anything else.  The benefits are applicable to all areas of my life.  I must give it the priority that it deserves, top.  It is interesting that most of us spend about 90% of our time looking over the edge and trying to stay in balance.  Focusing on the good parts of being in balance, and continuing what works.  By finding out what works, keep doing it, refining it little by little, I make progress.

Priorities are the foundation of good decision-making.  I have done a lot of work to keep them straight.  By priorities straight, I can make good judgements about where I am, where to go, and how to get there.  If I am confused about my decisions I can revisit my priorities and usually the decisions become clearer.  Keeping my priorities in the order of God first, family second, work third and recreation fourth.

I know people who are very busy but always seem to have time for the most important things.  That to me is an example of having my priorities straight.  There is an old saying that anything that is urgent is rarely important, and anything that is important is rarely urgent.  Sometimes the best ideas are also the simplest.

  1. Keeping priorities straight
  2. Revisit goals regularly
  3. Get outside help and reference for proper perspective
  4. Figure out what works and keep doing it, discard what does not
  5. Be constantly vigilant for being out of balance
  6. Accept and forgive yourself for being out of balance sometimes
  7. Express gratitude for your balance and your ability to make changes

This week has been a challenge.  Since starting 777 school, I have had to travel and balance all aspects of my life.   God, family, work (training on a new airplane), skating training, are all aspects of my daily life that need attention.  Making time for the important parts of my life is a joy, not a chore, with great rewards.

Masters World Sprints, Salt Lake City, March 2013

Masters World Sprints, Salt Lake City, March 2013

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