9 Tools To Breaking Down Barriers

9 Tools For Breaking Down Barriers

Breaking down barriers is essential to make progress, to grow, and live and thrive. Using these tools will give you the best chance for successful outcomes and a rewarding journey through life.

1. Building a network of support.

All successful people have support. Everyone needs help. Feeling self-reliant at times is important. The most successful people I know have support.

2. Goals

A necessary part of making progress is setting goals. Make your goals specific, realistic, and have a time frame. Changing your goals is ok, make the commitment by setting a goal and start your journey.

3. Nutrition

If you want to go fast you must put jet fuel in your tank. Give yourself the best chance by using the best raw materials for your mind and body.

4. Coaching

What ever your goals are, there is probably someone who has already done it. Get expert help. This will save a great deal of energy, time, and frustration.

5. Training

Practice what you do, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Build gradually your volume, and intensity. Have fun with it!

6. Competing

Competition brings out the real you. This can be scary at first. The most important competitor I face is myself. Embracing competition is extremely rewarding on many levels.

7. Balance

Learning to prioritize the different parts of my life helps to achieve and maintain balance. Good decision-making is the foundation of balance.

8. Mental support

My eyes only see out. Having another set of eyes and perspective can help me adjust my thinking. Sharing thoughts with someone I trust, I find out that my thinking is not so different. Everything starts with a thought, proper support is essential.

9. Courage

Are we worth it? Change is hard. We begin with the first step. If we keep climbing, look up every now and then, the view just gets better. Gratitude for the work can be its own reward. Doing hard things will reap untold benefits. Courage is doing all the little things and making progress. Before you know it you have broken down your own barriers.

On a personal note I am almost done with B-777 school in Denver. I will be flying between Chicago, Washington D.C. and Frankfurt Germany in July. Skating training is going well with solid progress in all areas. Looking forward to the Olympic trials in December in Salt Lake. Breaking down more barriers!


5 thoughts on “9 Tools To Breaking Down Barriers

  1. More great, practical advice for those in the arena of sport or life, thanks Bruce. One comment on the link in item #6, re: competition – the wikipedia link focuses almost entirely on competition being a contentious thing, with a winner and loser(s). This indeed reinforces and emphasizes the scary or negative side of the experience with competing. Interestingly, the original Latin roots of the word expresses the concept of competition differently, as “striving together”. From the dictionary: World English Dictionary
    compete (kəmˈpiːt)

    — vb (often foll by with )
    to contend (against) for profit, an award, athletic supremacy, etc; engage in a contest (with)

    [C17: from Late Latin competere to strive together, from Latin: to meet, come together, agree, from com- together + petere to seek]

    Collins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition
    2009 © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins
    Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009
    Cite This Source
    Word Origin & History

    1620, from Fr. compéter “be in rivalry with,” from L.L. competere “strive in common,” in L., “to come together, agree, to be qualified,” later, “strive together,” from com- “together” + petere “to strive, seek” (see petition). Rare 17c., and regarded early 19c. as

    Putting it in these terms reframes the idea in a more positive way and helps set a constructive tone for athletes (and their parents), thereby encouraging them to compete more and stay with the sport in spite of the outcome. It’s not a zero sum game, as you note, competing is a component of progress toward growth and making that breakthrough.

    Thanks Bruce.

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