Goals 1

Goals 1

The importance of goal setting cannot be underestimated.  Impossible dreams are accomplished when focusing on goals you can control.  Many of our goals are unspoken, they are motivations just under the surface.  It is important to get those goals out in the open.  There is some risk with that.  By telling someone about my goals, even admitting it to myself, then I am responsible and accountable for them.  This can be daunting and scary.  The goal can be a stretch, the risk is outside of my comfort zone, exposure is tough.  By starting towards my goal, if it seems to be unrealistic, then changing my goal is necessary.  It is ok to change goals and directions.  Sometimes life demands it.  When change is needed that I resisted, there was a lesson for me.  Life threw me a curve, adapt or suffer the consequences.

Having no target or direction, I will surely hit something, exactly what I do not want.  By having a goal, a direction or a target, adjustments are easy.  Enjoying the forward motion of my journey as well the direction, hitting my goal because of focus.  If the original goal was not where I wanted to go, at least I have made progress in determining my eventual outcome and am farther down the road. It is also important to look at the expectations of my goals and to realize they are my goals, no one but mine.  They are my creation.  If they become a burden then I must look deeper to the motivation behind the goals.  The goal may really belong to someone else.  Focusing on goals that leave me feeling recharged rather than drained.

There are a number of steps to take to set up my goals.  First I must know what drives me.  What I am passionate about?  What are my priorities and how I can fulfill them?   Joy and passion will keep me coming back to completion of a goal or a positive change for a lifetime.

I have a passion for skating, and skating well.  It requires a great deal of work and I am willing to do it.  A passion for flying, doing it well, it shows there too.  Keeping focused on passion and joy, see where it takes me.  With these principles in mind, I can set short, medium and long-term goals.

My goals must be admitted by me first.  Then I must announce them out loud.  Then they must be shared with others that are important to my success.  This can be difficult, but in order to move forward there must not be seen and unseen roadblocks to progress.  There are many conscious and unconscious barriers to progress.  By recognizing them as they come up, ignoring them, going around, or over them.

Goals must be realistic, measurable, have definite time frames, reviewed from time to time, and adjusted as necessary.  Goals are classified as short, medium, and long-range.  If one of my goals is to build self-esteem through setting and achieving goals, then I must do esteem-able things.  The direction and end are important, but ultimately it is the journey that is the most valuable.

Training hard this week.  Getting the job done and doing the work to achieve my goals, enjoying the journey and my transformation.

Next weeks post will be a conclusion to my discussion about goals. Stay tuned…..

Steps to the goals

Steps to the goals

Training Intensity

When approaching the starting line this December for the Olympic trials, I will remember July.

My mantra that I repeat is:  Grateful to be here and skate, I have done the work, adjusting as I go, trusting to get the results I am supposed to have.

July:  I have done the work.

Having spent many years of working up to this, this is the peak of training volume and intensity.

Training everyday, working very hard, making progress.  The support system, preparation, food, equipment, coaching, sleep, recovery, therapy, all set me up to make progress.  Some of you race bikes, race and skate in-line, race triathlon, skate short track, etc.  Whatever it is you do, make it intense.  When approaching the starting line I remember the maximum effort bike ride,  the weight lifting to failure, the static skating position sits for many minutes.

My mental preparations are there for me in the last stages of my race.  When feeling the lactic acid hit my legs, when tunnel vision comes because of oxygen deprivation, I remember the intense work in July.  This is where the race is won.  The part of the journey that changes me into my better self.  Transformation by the work.  Revealing my true character and what I am on this earth to do.

Make it a great July with progress in volume and intensity. Serious, fun, and inspirational to others, be an example.

Can’t wait for ice in Milwaukee in 4 weeks.  Happy dance!!!

Resting with the satisfaction of a job well done, in the bank for the coming season.

Flying my first trip after finishing training on the B-777, onward and upward!

At the starting line

At the starting line


My thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the Asiana Crash in San Francisco last week. I was in Frankfurt when the news flash appeared. Much will be learned in the coming months as to the circumstances, as well as the primary and causal factors. Accidents have a long error chain and we must investigate thouroughly before making judgements.

My B-777 training is done and I will be flying my first trip out of Washington, D.C. this week. A regular schedule for the first time in 10 years, and looking for balance. Decisions become easy when priorities are straight. GOD, family, work, recreation, in that order.

Faith is strong.

Maripat, our dog Lilly, and I are adjusting well to life with my new schedule.

Training on the B-777 has been great. Time in Denver with all the dedicated gifted professionals that helped me to learn this new airplane and leave with a smile on my face. My training partner did a great job by her positive attitude and strong contribution to our team effort. Line flying and reconnecting with an old friend Jeff Starr helped me learn the nuances of this fine airplane.

I have finished my most recent re-write of “Faster As A Master”. The journey of writing this book over the last 4 years has been hard work but very rewarding. Onward to publishing. I am currently looking for a book designer, editor, agent, publicist, and a speakers bureau. Any connections out there please let me know. The goal is to have a print and ebook in hand this fall.

Off ice skating training at full speed. On the long track oval ice in Milwaukee August 15th.

My coach Nancy Swider-Peltz, Sr (pictured below) and training group (skating family) are currently in Inzell enjoying the ice now. Can’t wait, cold, slippery, go fast, turn left, repeat…….

American Cup Salt lake, March, 2013, Nancy Swider-Peltz, Sr.  giving race splits and encouragement!

American Cup Salt lake, March, 2013, Nancy Swider-Peltz, Sr. giving race splits and encouragement!