Book Jacket for “Faster As A Master”

Here is my book Jacket for “Faster As A Master

Bruce W. Conner is faster now, at age 57, as a speed skater, than when he was on the national team as a teenager.  After narrowly missing making the Olympic team in 1976 he hung up his skates.  After 22 years he came back to the sport he loved to complete unfinished business.  Bruce has competed in the Olympic trials at age 19, 49, 53, and 57.  As a masters athlete he holds numerous World Championships and World records.  The commonly held belief about getting slower as we age, has been blown completely out of the water by Bruce, breaking down that barrier.

Bruce has always said:

“Getting better and going faster is more about intention and choices than age.”

When Bruce set upon the journey to make it back to the Olympic trials he opened the door to a journey that would heal old wounds from his past and uncover a rich full meaningful life beyond his wildest dreams.

“Let age enhance your dreams, rather than define them”

Bruce Conner 2008

I have hired an editor and book designer.  We are working hard and hope to publish late this year.

Stay tuned…..

Photo by Jerry Search

Photo by Jerry Search

5 thoughts on “Book Jacket for “Faster As A Master”

  1. Hey Bruce! FYI – after clicking on your name in the first sentence of the text it takes you to Wikipedia and to information about a Bruce Conner that is not you! (Born 1933) You might want to fix that. Anyway, it looks like you are making good progress on the book!

  2. Can’t wait to have the book in hand and remember to triple proof everything, especially the covers. And then again.

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