Finding A Voice In Our Actions

Lost your voice? Find it here.

We all have voices.  Some of us speak, some of us act.  Most people pay attention to what we do, rather than in what we say.  In some areas of our lives we are loud and other areas we have lost or given up our voices.

Striving for wholeness in life requires a voice.  At first, I thought it was important for you to hear me.  After a great deal of struggle, frustration and pain, it is more important for me to hear myself.

Actions speak very loudly.  Relationships are one example of my voice.  Skating and flying airplanes are two more.  What are yours?

When connecting with our passions, our souls speak with a voice that is loud and clear.  Reaffirming who we are, by speaking our truth, helps us be whole.  This is scary work, but worth every bit of effort.  Doing things because they are hard yields the best of us, thus remembering who we really are.  This is not so much about creating but about uncovering  and listening to our voices under the many layers. There is always more work to be done towards balance and wholeness.

You can move toward wholeness by acting on your passion, and being open to the messages that come your way, just for you and your voice.  courageous forward movement, go find it!

Waterfall, Inzell germany

Waterfall near, Inzell Germany

2 thoughts on “Finding A Voice In Our Actions

  1. Hi,Bruce, nice everything You were writing, but our thoughts must be clear and then moving, and then speaking.Mind has been upon nature,rules our Heart and follow the Way! Good luck and thank You,dear!

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