Breaking Down Barriers

Getting better and going faster is more about intention and choices than age.

I have qualified for the US Olympic trials at age 19, 49, 53, and 57.  Braking down many barriers, speed skating is just one of them.

Barriers to progress come in many different forms.  First there are the external barriers.  Told at age 16, that I would never be an airline pilot because I did not have perfect vision was hard.  Had I listened to the eye doctor I would have never reached for my dream. This was a perceived external barrier. After a 36 year career, now at the top of my field as a B-777 Captain.

Then there are the internal barriers.  Some barriers might be unconscious, some conscious.  Some barriers  are cultural, hereditary.  Some regional, some may be rooted in history, some in my own past.  There are as many barriers as there are people, and ways to create them.  The key to pushing the limiting beliefs we have, that become our barriers to success, is not limiting the concept of success.  By taking responsibility for success, then expanding my concept, I naturally break down barriers to my goal achievement.  I need to give myself permission to be great.  This programs my entire being into being as great as I can be, and sets me up to be successful.

By choosing to do the work, I get the results.

Racing next weekend in Salt Lake at the US Single Distance Championships and Fall World Cup Qualifier.  Should be fun!!!

Captain Conner landing in January at O’Hare Airport Chicago, IL after flight from Hong Kong, China

11 thoughts on “Breaking Down Barriers

  1. I wish you well at the meet in Salt Lake. As a 61 yr. old beginner, you are an inspiration to many in our age group. Keep up the great work!!

  2. Awesome Bruce I was a speed skater till 21 yrs of age.I love it!!!!!!! Do you know anything about Silver Skates at Waveland park In Chicago in th e 60’s? trying to find some info on a race i won there.It was a CYO meet.Thanks.

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