Post Olympic Trials, Thoughts, and Future Goals

Post Olympic trials, thoughts, and future goals.

Happy New Year, everyone!  Thanks for all the encouragement and support, especially from my wife, Maripat.  I wish good luck to all the Olympians.  For all those athletes that did not make the team, good luck next time.  To the skaters that ended their careers, my best wishes for a smooth transition to the next challenge, I have been down that road many years ago.  There is no substitute for time that leads to perspective and ultimately wisdom.  Patience will reveal the answers you are looking for.

I am a climber.  When I see mountains, I climb.  Approaching the top, I start looking for the next climb.

This is the perfect time to reflect on what I have done, celebrate the achievement, then set the next course of action.

After my last race in the Olympic trials in Salt Lake my coach asked why I was cooling down on the stationary bike.  Traditionally after the last race you just walk away.  As an experienced  masters athlete I want to be able to get out of bed the next morning.  I need to do a proper cool down to facilitate recovery, like I do after any hard effort or race.  Yes, I do not plan on training at this level for the forseeable future, but that does not preclude that I will forget how to train hard and do all the recovery work necessary to keep as healthy as possible.  I will shift now to a less intense and less volume training, for a better balanced life.

I reached my goals for this season, which was to have the best showing possible in the trials.  I am very happy with my results.  I choose now to slow down, rebalance, and shift priorities.

Celebrating the achievement and the journey is very important.  Self esteem is enhanced everyday by small victories.  Milestones are important to recognize as the tangible evidence of what we are all capable of doing.  A certain peace has settled in my bones about what I have done.

The next goal is to pass on what I have learned.  I have been working on my book “Faster As A Master” for almost 5 years.  Final editing is being done now with a goal of completion and publishing in a couple of months.  I will keep you updated as the publishing gets closer.

Professionally, will be going back to the 747 next month and changing my base back to Chicago.

Maripat and I plan on traveling to see family more this year, and picking up our golf clubs and tennis racquets that have been idle for the last couple of years.

Here are three articles about my journey published last week.  Enjoy.

Meanwhile, our dog Lilly, wants to play.

Lilly my smiling off ice training partner.

Lilly my smiling off ice training partner.

4 thoughts on “Post Olympic Trials, Thoughts, and Future Goals

  1. Great job Bruce – well done! Best wishes on all the future plans. Thanks for sharing your experiences and insights through the blog and book.

  2. Well done, Bruce. From where I stand, on and off the ice, you are on the podium. Can’t wait to get your book in hand.
    I’ll look for you back on the Pettit ice,

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