Check out this CNN iReport about my book!

Check out this CNN iReport about my book!

“Becoming Faster As A Master”
By bweisman | Posted 4 hours ago | Scottsdale, Arizona 56

It is not easy to do something extraordinary in life. We all start off the same, however there is a burning desire in some of us to be extraordinary. Some of us choose to overachieve early in life and some of us postpone that single moment where we might shine. Not everyone can be at the front of the pack, however we all have dreams of where we want to start and finish. What drives a person to become extraordinary and connect that to some life lessons? It is a hard fought journey to rekindle what you started and even harder to go back and latch onto that passion. Bruce Conner has dedicated significant time later in life to become and write about what it means to be “Faster As a Master”.

Who doesn’t want to be great at something? If you were great at something before why can’t you be great at it again? I suppose these might have been questions Bruce asked himself when he stepped on the ice and qualified for the Olympic trials several times. He wasn’t a kid anymore and it was clear his goals were just as focused as a mature adult as they once were at 19. He continued to qualify for the Olympic trials for speed skating on several occasions. This was not all happening at just 19, but in his later years (49, 53, and 57 years old). How does someone bring exceptional athletic prowess into their adult life they once had as a teenager? It seems like an impossible question to answer, but for Bruce Conner it is not. He realized to get there required changes in his life and still being fiercely loyal to himself and his family. He knew he could be great again and that was never a question in his mind.

The book “Faster as a Master” shows how age can perhaps enhance the many dreams we have. It teaches us all that we can extend our reach later in life. The book “Faster As a Master” by Bruce Conner is a recipe to be inspired to be great at something. Age does not completely define limitations and Bruce would be the first to tell you that. For those that want to follow a guide to be “great” again reading “Faster As A Master” provides direction. Even better, the book is written by Bruce who is living proof of his successful journey.

Bradley D. Weisman
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Faster as a Master Your best is yet to come!

Faster as a Master
Your best is yet to come!

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