About Me

Photo by Steve Penland

Photo by Steve Penland

I am a Masters World Sprint Champion Speed Skater.  I currently hold 4 Masters World Speed Skating Records.  I qualified for the US Olympic Trials for Long Track Speed Skating at age 19, 49, 53 and the oldest ever to do so at age 56.  I am skating faster now than ever before, even when I was on the US national team at age 17-19. I am currently a 747 Captain at United Airlines.  I have been flying the 747 around the world for 8 years.  I was a pilot instructor on the airplane for 3 of those years.  I have been at United for over 27 years.  I have been flying professionally for 35 years and have 22,500 + hours. I am now remarried.  I have two children, my son is 28, my daughter 22.  I have two step sons 32, and 26.  I have two step grand daughters age 5 and 7. Please view my website for more info, a video from a NBC Today show from 2005, pictures, and articles.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. What a surprise… reading this tag, I am a master athete too, a M-55 track and field athete, I find your blog very interesting, since we both are in our master sport activities, and both ice skating and track and field have some training principles on common. I just started reading… Great job your doing, congratulations…

    • Thanks Jaime, Yes we have more similarities than differences. Look over what I have written in the last 2 years. I also just published a book dealing with just these issues of masters athletes and more. Be well. Your best it yet to come. Bruce

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