Give the Gift of Motivation and Inspiration!

Give the Gift of Motivation and Inspiration!

What could be better than passing on your enthusiasm!

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Buy my Book! Available now on Amazon!

Buy My Book! Faster as a Master, Breaking Down Barriers, Journeying Toward Wholeness. Available now on Amazon in print and kindle versions.

Happy Birthday to my wife Maripat.  Seven years ago today we met when you fell in my lap on the United company bus and I flew you from Chicago to Hong Kong.  Faster as a Master is dedicated to you and sharing this fantastic journey. Chapter 5 is the story of how we met.

Follow this link to Amazon and order the print on demand version or download the digital version.  For my international friends I would reccomend Amazon so you can get the best options and deals on shipping.


Bruce Conner is faster as a speed skater now, at age 57, than he was as a teenager. The commonly held belief about getting slower as we age has been blown completely out of the water by Bruce, breaking down that barrier. Getting better and going faster is more about intentions and choices than age. “We all want to be great. As I get older, I want to be great again. Happy, loved, healthy–those are the qualities I aspire to be. To be whole in body, mind, and spirit is the reward. We are more capable of attaining those things than we give ourselves credit for.” –Bruce ConnerBruce is also a United B-747 captain, even though he was told when he got his first pair of glasses at age 16 that he would never fly airplanes for a living. Bruce competed as a youngster from age 12 till 19, competing as a long track ice speed skater at the local, state, national, and international levels. He was on the U.S. national team from 1974 through 1976, barely missing making the 1976 Olympic team.

Returning after 20 plus years away from the sport, he had some unfinished business. How fast could he go if he trained as hard as a youth but was smarter about it? Making it back to the Olympic trials again at age 49 was his goal. To be in the elite group of the top skaters in this country was the prize. Was it possible? He had to find out.Bruce has now qualified for four US Olympic trials, at age 19, 49, 53, and 57. Find out how Bruce was able to compete at the elite level and, in the process, journey toward wholeness and heal old wounds. Follow Bruce to break down your barriers to an unlimited life!

I will have copies available to personalize later this week and will announce how to buy them directly from me.  I will be helping Nancy Swider-Peltz, Sr. at the Masters Long Track Clinic at the Pettit Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin later this week and will have copies for purchase (save shipping).

I will be announcing soon how to purchase on iTunes and Nook digital versions.

This has been an amazing four and a half year journey getting this book wriiten and published, thanks for your support!

Next week I will pick up the discussion about “Mental Training”.

Faster as a Master

Faster as a Master



Book Jacket for “Faster As A Master”

Here is my book Jacket for “Faster As A Master

Bruce W. Conner is faster now, at age 57, as a speed skater, than when he was on the national team as a teenager.  After narrowly missing making the Olympic team in 1976 he hung up his skates.  After 22 years he came back to the sport he loved to complete unfinished business.  Bruce has competed in the Olympic trials at age 19, 49, 53, and 57.  As a masters athlete he holds numerous World Championships and World records.  The commonly held belief about getting slower as we age, has been blown completely out of the water by Bruce, breaking down that barrier.

Bruce has always said:

“Getting better and going faster is more about intention and choices than age.”

When Bruce set upon the journey to make it back to the Olympic trials he opened the door to a journey that would heal old wounds from his past and uncover a rich full meaningful life beyond his wildest dreams.

“Let age enhance your dreams, rather than define them”

Bruce Conner 2008

I have hired an editor and book designer.  We are working hard and hope to publish late this year.

Stay tuned…..

Photo by Jerry Search

Photo by Jerry Search

Full Speed Ahead!

Full speed ahead!

This is the start of the third week of training for this season.  This week had some challenges with scheduling.  Being able to adjust is very important while still getting the work done.  A couple of weeks ago I took my dog for a run of about 3 miles.  I don’t run very often so It took some time for me to get used to it.  Then a few days later I did a 90 minute cardio tennis workout.  It is fun to hit a lot of balls and this workout helps keep my heart rate up for an extended time.  All of this pounding took a toll on my left knee.  No running or tennis for a while.  Weights, slideboard, swimming, yoga, biking, all good.  Icing at night does the trick and one week after, my shift I am as good as ever.

Ready for another hard week and building intensity.  Staying on track.  I am also looking to fine tune my goals for the season.   They must be specific, measurable, have a time frame, and be realistic.  Focus this year is on the Olympic trials starting on the 27th of December in Salt Lake City.  My goal is to be better than my previous trials in 1975, 2005, and 2009.  The 500,  38.95.  The 1000, 1:16.00.  Based on my most recent races these times are very realistic.

Having specific goals helps me to set and stick to my priorities.  This is an Olympic year.  There are a lot of very motivated athletes that are training very hard for their lifelong dreams.  Being a part of the Olympic movement has a special importance for me.  I get a great boost from the younger skaters.  Most of training now is solo but later in the summer I will be with my group.  Then when we return to the ice this fall we will all be together as a family.

Full speed ahead……

This video is from Masters World Sprints in Salt Lake City 3/16/2013.  This short video clip is from the second turn of the 1000.  This is the fastest we go on skates, about 35 mph or 56 kph.  I love to CRANK this turn!  Enjoy, more to follow….

5th Masters World Sprint Championships, Salt Lake City

5th Masters World Sprint Championships, Salt Lake City

World Sprint Champion age 55-59, again!

There were 92 men and women skaters from 10 countries.  Ages ranged from 30 to 84.    There were 19 masters world records achieved.  There were 181  seasons best times reached.  There were 91 personal best times achieved.  We raced the 500 and 1000 meter races each day.  The combination of time from all four races determined the winners in each 5 year age categories.

The Olympic Oval is the fastest ice on earth.  We get to come and skate not only our fastest times of the season but for some of us the best times of our lives.  We prepare for this event all year.  I was not sure until last week, due to work schedules whether I would be able to attend.  This would be the last event of my skating season.  Make it count.  Leave everything on the ice.  Having already achieved a great deal this season, here was an additional opportunity to do more.

Continuing my training taper from American Cup from 2 weeks ago for this meet was easy.  Just recovery work and couple of stimulating bike workouts.  Getting a bad cold 5 days before the competition, forced me to sit down for a couple of days.  I probably needed the rest more than anything.

I flew out to Salt Lake on Thursday early enough to get in 30 minutes of easy skating and the ability to touch the ice.  Since I was just in Salt Lake two weeks ago, the transition to this ice was easy and fast.

My fellow masters skaters were a welcome sight.  Reconnecting with old friends that have shared my journey as a masters skater is a real treat.  I met new friends and made bonds that will continue for a lifetime.  We may not be people who would normally mix.  From such varied backgrounds, and cultures all over the world we have a common ground in our love for this sport.  This is my tribe.  We share a bond in the humility that skating shows us.  This sport exposes our very souls.  It shows us who we are, and  what we are made of.  To share this inward journey with my fellow masters is deeply satisfying.  We get to catch up, eyeball to eyeball.  Laughing, crying, realizing our goals, showing our frustration, learning something new, growing, rejoicing, supporting one another on our individual paths.

Friday evening is the team leader meeting, the opening draw, and a nice reception for all the skaters.  Saturday we start racing at 9am.  Everyone is nervous with anticipation of the upcoming racing.  Andrew Love, a fellow Masters World Champion, and competitor, is the meet director.  From my perspective as a skater the meet came off flawlessly.  We had everything we needed to perform at our best.   Andrew and his volunteers pulled of a great event that culminated on Sunday evening with a banquet and awards ceremony for all.

The masters skating community is like nothing else I have ever experienced.  During the competition you get to see fierce competitors wish each other good luck at the start, then congratulate each other on a fine effort at the end.  Yes, we race to win.  We want the visible recognition of the record, the title, the trophy.  But we also race against ourselves.  You can ask any skater what his personal best time is and without hesitation you get an answer.  We all know where we are and how we are doing.  Progress is the goal.  Celebrating those personal best times achieved is so important and so satisfying.  We train very hard, we put our souls into this work.  We want and need validation that we are making progress and here is the showcase in front of our fellow tribesmen.  We are committed to this work and here is our accountability.  The anticipation before racing is when we coming to grips with the reality I have helped to create by my actions.  I now trust that I will get the results that I am supposed to get.  Sometimes it is a hard fact to swallow but I chose this path and now comes the time for the visible, tangible, reality.  This is the journey we share.

Victor Van den Hoff from the Netherlands is my closest competitor in my age group.  We are paired together in every race, head to head.  We get to skate both distances each day.  Switching starting lanes for each distance to keep everything even.  In a nut shell,  I won every race in my age group.  I also placed very high among all the age groups in every race as well, from 5th to 7th.  I was very consistent, my trade mark.  Technically I was skating very well.  The first 500 I did a seasons best 38.75, masters world record.  The next race the 1000, I also did a seasons best 1:16.46, and masters world record.  Sunday 500 a touch slower at 39.15 but very solid after a slight slip on the start.  The final race was the 1000.  My attitude shifted before this race.  I was having fun!  This is my favorite race.  It fits my personality and style the best.  I love to go fast in this race, manage my energy systems, feel the pressure into the ice, set up the high speed turns, make my technique work to be efficient as possible, give it my all, knowing I have done my best.  Cross the line, 1:16.15.  Another seasons best, world record.  The combination of all four races was also a world record.  Victor was also skating well, he also achieved many seasons best times this weekend.  Great work Victor! Great work everyone!  You can see all the results on  Search for the 5th Masters World Sprint Games Salt lake, March 16-17, 2013.

On my way home now at 35,000 feet reflecting on the great weekend.  Pledging to keep in touch with my tribe over the summer.  I take stock of my goals for this season and reconcile my progress.  I am already thinking about what is next.  Skating has taken a great deal of time this year and my priorities must shift back to a more balanced life.  Connecting to my wife, and family most important.  Rest and recovery work for a couple of weeks.  Then onto planning for the next season and the upcoming Olympic trials this December.  I am already thinking about playing some golf and tennis soon.  B-777 school is coming up as well for me (about 6 weeks in Denver for that).  Onward, upward, higher, faster, farther, the choice is mine.  Getting better and going faster is more about intention and choices than age.

Masters World Sprint Champions!

Masters World Sprint Champions!

photo by Jerry Search

photo by Jerry Search